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Ein Schüler bekommt etwas erklärt

Try studying - Program "Schüleruniversität" in the vacations 2023!

We invite you to get to know our university, various study programs and the city of Freiberg during the Saxon winter vacations, i.e. in the period from July 10 to August 17, 2023.

As a prospective student from the 10th grade you can in the project weeks:

  • take part in specially designed lectures, experiments, laboratory tours, excursions or competitions
  • explore different fields of sciencetry out how it "feels" to be a student slip into the role of a researcher or student
  • discover interesting career prospectsmake contacts and find new friends
  • spend eventful, exciting and happy days with your peers at TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

Let yourself be carried away by the enthusiasm of our students and scientists for their field. Discover the city of Freiberg as a place to study and live and make first contacts with the university and its many members. We are looking forward to welcoming you.

Register now for the Pupils' University in the summer vacations 2023 and spend eventful, exciting and happy days with your peers at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg!

Events of the Schüleruni

„Die einwöchige Schüleruniversität ist eine tolle Möglichkeit, um einen detaillierten Einblick in die Studiengänge zu erhalten. In dieser "Schnupperwoche" durften wir Laborexperimente durchführen und haben sogar das Bergwerk Reiche Zeche besucht. So ganz nebenbei habe ich tolle neue Leute kennengelernt, die dieselben Interessen haben.“

Saskia, Klassenstufe 12, Teilnehmerin der Schüleruni-Wochen "Raumschiff Erde" und "Faszination Geoingenieurwesen"

Schüleruniversität BioNanoTec-Woche

„Ich fand die BioNanoTec-Woche sehr schön und habe viel Aufschlussreiches gelernt. Unsere Betreuer, die Labormitarbeiter und die sonstigen Angestellten der TU Freiberg waren sehr freundlich und haben unsere Fragen kompetent beantwortet. Auch war es sehr praktisch, dass wir uns an eigenen Versuchen und an technischen Gerätschaften der Uni ausprobieren durften. Der Umgang mit den anderen interessierten Teilnehmern war auch sehr angenehm und ich habe schnell einige Freunde gefunden, mit denen ich teilweise immer noch Kontakt habe.

Ich empfehle die BioNanoTec-Woche definitiv an alle Interessierten weiter.“

Anton, Klassenstufe 11, Teilnehmer der "BioNanoTec-Woche"

Schüleruniversität BioNanoTec-Woche

An wen richtet sich die Schüleruniversität?

Die Schüleruniversität richtet sich an Schüler:innen ab der 10. Klasse und Abiturient:innen, die sich für ein Studium an der TU Bergakademie Freiberg interessieren.

Ich bin noch nicht in der 10. Klasse. Kann ich dennoch teilnehmen?

Die Plätze in den einzelnen Projekten sind Studieninteressenten ab der 10. Klasse vorbehalten. Sollten die Kapazitäten noch nicht ausgeschöpft sein und ein:e Schüler:in besonderes Interesse haben, gibt es auch ab Klasse 9 die Möglichkeit der Teilnahme.


The registration is completed for you as soon as you have filled out the registration form completely and sent the data to us.
In the next step, we will contact you by mail, in which the further procedure will be explained.

We ask that you return the signed instruction sheet and proof of payment of the fee and any accommodation costs to us.

You can request the instruction sheet from us by e-mail (Maike [dot] Baudach [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de). 

You can also request a new remittance slip by e-mail. Alternatively, you can transfer the participant fees and accommodation costs to the following account:

Hauptkasse Sachsen, 01099 Dresden
IBAN: DE06860000000086001519

Customer reference number: 7040/00227-6
Purpose: Schüleruni 2023 - Name of the project week

Hier geht`s zur Anmeldung


We charge a one-time participation fee of 35 euros for each project. Should you wish to have accommodation organized through the Central Student Advisory Service, there is an additional charge of 15 euros per night (incl. breakfast and bed linen).

Please transfer the participation fee at least two weeks before the start of the project.

No. Please email or fax proof of payment of the fee and any accommodation costs.

Yes, if we are notified 14 days before the start of the project. If the participation is cancelled at short notice, the program fee will not be refunded.


The program will be linked in the title of the respective program description at least one week before the start of the project. Please understand that we will not send you any further documents by mail after the registration confirmation.

In most cases, participants have the opportunity to report to the respective institutes by 10 a.m. at the latest on the first day. If you are unable to arrive until later, there is the possibility to join the ongoing program. Please note this request when registering or later by e-mail.

The events start at 8 am at the earliest and end at 5 pm at the latest. During this time, the participants are supervised in the individual departments.
On some days, the subject program is followed by joint activities with the students and academic staff of the university (e.g. a barbecue, game night, visit to the cinema, etc.). This program is optional.


Participants who stay overnight in the "PI-Haus" receive breakfast in the accommodation. Lunch is taken daily in the refectory. Here the participants eat at the student price for 2,50 EUR to 4,00 EUR. Self-catering is planned for the evening meal. A kitchen and a barbecue area are available in the accommodation.

Overnight stay

Yes, please mention your wish to stay overnight in Freiberg during the project weeks when you register. Subsequent, very short-term, room reservations cannot be guaranteed.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to stay overnight in the "PI-Haus" before the project begins. We ask that additional overnight stays are organized by yourself (e.g. guest house at DBI, Pension Heidi).

Accommodation is usually provided on the day of arrival.

Yes. In the accommodation, supervision is provided by a student of the university.

Per night costs in the amount of 14 euros.