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History of the Bergakademie foundations

The history of the foundations for the Freiberg Mining Academy dates back to 1702, when the Saxon Elector established a scholarship fund at the Freiberg Mining Office. Over the course of time, the Bergakademie continued to receive donations, which were initially used primarily to support students and later increasingly for research infrastructure. After 1990, the idea of foundations, which had been interrupted after the Second World War, was revived in an impressive way. In a short space of time, important foundations were established, such as the "Sparkassen-Stiftung" (1998), the "Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg" Foundation (2002), the "Pohl-Ströher-Mineralienstiftung" (2004), the "Dr Erich Krüger-Stiftung" (2006) and the "Dr Frank-Michael und Marianne Engel-Stiftungsfonds" (2009).



Here you will find the download "Foundations at the Technische Universität Bergakademie Freiberg in the past and present" (in german language)

(Published in 2014)

Chronology of the foundations at the Bergakademie 1702 to 2013

1702 Foundation Scholarship Fund for Training in Mining and Metallurgy

1765 Founding foundation of the Mining Academy

1814 Werner Foundation

181818 Werner Scholarship

1865 Bondi Foundation

1866 Fischer Scholarship

1866 Breithaupt Scholarship

1867 Glückauf Scholarship

1877 Heubner Foundation

1879 Teachers' Foundation

1879 Bernhard von Cotta Foundation

1888 Kohlenbauer Scholarship

1888 Carl August Graf Bose-Stiftung

1891 Wiede-Stiftung

1895 Markscheider Klötzer-Stiftung

1897 Bernhard von Cotta - Alfred Stelzner-Stiftung

1898 Zeuner-Foundation

1898 Viertel Foundation

1911 Julius Ludwig Weisbach Scholarship

1912 Körnich Foundation

1916 Jubilee Foundation at the Freiberg Mining Academy

1916 Jubilee Foundation of the City of Freiberg for the Kgl. Bergakademie Freiberg

1916 Alfred Wiede Foundation for research purposes

1918 Lignite Foundation at the Kgl. Freiberg Mining Academy

1920 Foundation for the Promotion of Physical Exercise at the Freiberg Mining Academy

1921 Foundation of the Society of Friends of the Freiberg Mining Academy

1925 Erich Breithaupt Foundation

1930 Kommerzienrat Dr. Paul Wolf Foundation

1938 Inauguration sum for the Ironworks Institute

1938 Felix Warlimont grant

1941 Grants from Mitteldeutsche Stahlwerke AG Riesa

1943 Freiherr Max Richard von Schwarz-Foundation

1953 Georgius Agricola Medal

1979 Härtig Prize

1989 Helmut Erich Rammler Prize

1992 Julius Weisbach Prize

1993 Bernhard von Cotta Prize

1995 Agricola Prize

1995 Leisler Kiep Travelling Scholarship

1997 Federmann Scholarship

1998 Sparkassen-Stiftung TU Bergakademie Freiberg

2000 Friedrich-Wilhelm-von-Oppel Prize

2000 Freiherr-von Friesen Scholarship from the Sparkassen Foundation

2002 Christlieb-Ehregott-Gellert Prize

2002 Freiberg University of Mining and Technology Foundation

2005 "Hermann Spamer" Endowment Fund

2006 Establishment of the Dr Erich Krüger Foundation

2007 "Ursula and Prof. Dr Wolf-Dieter Schneider" endowment fund

2007 SolarWorld endowment fund for research and teaching

2008 "Mineralogical Collection Germany" Foundation

2008 FME endowment fund

2013 Mining endowment fund