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Home of the permanent exhibition German Minerals

500 years of the building's eventful history

The building was erected directly on the city wall between 1510 and 1512. The master builder was the court master Rudolph von Bünau. The building was later owned by the von Schönberg family. In 1676, the building was acquired by Elector Johann II and furnished as an official residence. While the owners changed, the building was also remodelled several times. The building shows interesting traces of the late Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and neo-Gothic periods.

Throughout its history, the building has been used for administrative purposes - including the tax office for a time - as well as for residential purposes. It also served as a residential building until 1997, after which it stood empty for several years.

Founder Dr Peter Krüger, founder of the "Dr. Erich Krüger Foundation" for the TU Bergakademie Freiberg, was also very concerned about the development of the city centre of his native Freiberg. He therefore campaigned for the renovation of the "Amtshaus". After Dr Krüger passed away in 2007, his wife, Mrs Erika Krüger, and the Dr Erich Krüger Foundation continued to pursue the redevelopment of the "Amtshaus". The topping-out ceremony was celebrated on 2 July 2009. The following year, on 11 September 2010, the citizens of Freiberg were able to get to know the new premises for the first time during an open day. After the renovation was completed, the building was officially opened on 5 October 2012.

In recognition of the Krüger family's commitment to the university and the city of Freiberg, the building is named KRÜGERHAUS.

The KRÜGERHAUS today - a treasure chest

The TU Bergakademie presents a permanent exhibition of minerals from German sites in the KRÜGERHAUS, which crowns the terra mineralia exhibition in Freudenstein Castle.

Wonderful and fascinating treasures from Germany await visitors from near and far: silver curls from Freiberg, gemstones from the Vogtland region, barite specimens from the Sauerland region reminiscent of flower petals, green pyromorphites from Bad Ems, raspberry-coloured rhodochrosites from the Siegerland region and many other treasures.

Article on the mineral collection at KRÜGERHAUS in: "Rocks & minerals", Volume 88, May/June 2013 (PDF)

Opening hours Mineralogical Collection in the KRÜGERHAUS, Schloßplatz

Tuesday-Friday 10 am to 4 pm
Saturday-Sunday and public holidays 10 am to 6 pm

(information subject to change, further information can be found on the terra mineralia website)

Leaflet on the Mineralogical Collection

This flyer gives interested parties an initial overview of the Mineralogical Collection Germany in the Krügerhaus Freiberg.