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Study concept

Geology is a natural science that deals with the structure and composition of the earth's body as well as the development of the earth and life on it. Mineralogy investigates the formation and properties of the minerals that make up rocks.

The degree programme teaches students the ability to recognise and assess scientific correlations and to work on relevant subject-related issues, e.g. climate change, the supply of raw materials and natural disasters. Various geoscientific collections, an in-house research and teaching mine, modern laboratories and computer pools as well as a drill core store and a lithotheque are included in the programme from the very beginning. In addition to numerous excursions, field and mapping practicals, they ensure the practical orientation of the degree programme.

A research-oriented four-semester Master's degree programme in Geosciences is offered in Freiberg as a continuation of the Bachelor's degree programme.


Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining (Faculty 3)
Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.)
Standard period of study
6 Semester
Part-time possible
Start of studies
Winter semester
Admission requirement

Abitur or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or an entrance qualification recognized as equivalent

Language requirement

Course language
Professional advice
Prof. Dr. Thomas Wotte
Bernhard-von-Cotta-Str. 2
thomas.wotte [at]
Central Student Advisory Service
Central Student Counselling Service
Prüferstr. 2, 3rd floor, room 3.405
studienberatung [at]
Job opportunities

in public administration: e.g. in environmental, water and civil engineering offices, where tasks in the field of assessing and minimising georisks can be taken on

in the raw materials industry: e.g. in the exploration and sustainable extraction of raw materials such as water, ores, building raw materials

in the construction industry: e.g. in hydrogeology or in construction supervision during the construction of roads, tunnels and dams

in the materials industry: e.g. in hydrogeology or in quality control during the construction of roads, tunnels and dams

. e.g. in hydrogeology or in construction supervision during the construction of roads, tunnels and dams

in the materials industry: e.g. in the quality control of natural minerals and the development of materials

at universities and other research institutions: e.g. in basic research


Ein Mann in weißem Kittel und Helm, der in einem Bergwerk steht

I was interested in TU Bergakademie Freiberg from an early stage, particularly because of its good reputation in the geosciences. I personally liked the practical and interdisciplinary orientation of the degree programme with many excursions, both national and international. I also found it very appealing to have my own teaching mine, which certainly influenced me in my future career. However, the small study groups were decisive for me. With just 20 fellow students, it was a perfect study environment - close to the lecturers and not so anonymous.

Dr Stefan Höntzsch - Senior Expert K+S Group

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