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Structural support of Ukrainian Universities in Upkeep and rebuilding of higher education activities in the field of Resources and Technology – SUUUpoRT. 

Project SUUUpoRT

As part of the special funding program "Learning and Teaching. Focus Ukraine," this project is realized with the kind support of the Foundation "Innovation in der Hochschullehre".
University teaching in Ukraine continues despite the war, but it has almost completely shifted to the digital space. Above all, asynchronous teaching content is required, which can be called up flexibly. This way, students who are currently in contested or occupied territories can also access courses and continue their studies. The aim of the SUUUpoRT Project is to assemble a continuously growing collection of teaching materials and courses from the fields of engineering and resource science. We are adding new courses that allow for ECTS acquisition to cover expressed needs of Ukrainian students and teachers.

Digital courses now available for students in Ukraine

This purely digital range of courses can be used exclusively by all Ukrainian students and teachers free of charge and serves specifically to flank and expand the offers of the local higher education system. The team is in close contact with universities in Ukraine and has determined current thematic needs for teaching content. If you have additional needs please get in contact. In addition, thanks to the funding, Ukrainian guest scientists could be integrated into the project team. The collection of online courses is continuously supplemented by further courses from teachers and partners and further improved by the feedback of the participants.

In this way, the TU Bergakademie Freiberg expressly wants to strengthen the Ukrainian higher education system and make it more attractive so that Ukrainian students remain in their country's system and a brain drain to other countries is prevented. A strong higher education system is an essential part of the infrastructure that is fundamental for rebuilding efforts.

Ukrainian students and teachers can register quickly and free of charge for the course offer. In addition to the continuous expansion of the range of courses, the team is working on certifying selected courses in such a way that students can earn ECTS points and thus have achievements in the Ukrainian higher education system credited.

The project serves as the basis for a long-term, constantly expanding cooperation between the TU Bergakademie Freiberg and the universities of Ukraine. 


support-ukraine [at] (support-ukraine[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de)

The prerequisite for accessing the virtual courses is an application for participation in the SUUUpoRT program.
In this application, we ask you to select a course of study which most closely corresponds to the course of study you study/have studied in Ukraine. We will enrol you in this degree program so you can earn ECTS credits if you choose to do so. 

Registration form

After Registration

If you have registered for participation in the SUUUpoRT programme, you will receive the login for our learning platform OPAL. Please be aware that sending out your login might take some time depending on registration volumes. You can then use this to register for the individual courses that interest you. In the OPAL course, you will also receive further introduction and can contact a tutor who will answer your administrative questions.

If you have any questions about the SUUUPoRT project, please write an e-mail to support-ukraine [at] (support-ukraine[at]tu-freiberg[dot]de) or use the forum on the course platform to get in touch.