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Current research priorities of the Silicon Chemistry and Chemical Materials Science working group




  • Aminosilanes and silazanes: preparation, derivatisation and use
  • Higher coordinated chloro- and hydridochlorosilanes
  • Chelate ligands for 5- and 6-coordinated Si compounds
  • Reposition reactions of higher coordinated Si compounds
  • Si/P compounds

Contact: PD Dr. Uwe Böhme, Dr Jörg Wagler, Dr Konstantin Kraushaar, Prof Dr Edwin Kroke

  • Polymer-derived Si/C/N and Si/C/O ceramics, metal-ceramic nanocomposites
  • Si nanoparticles: Chlorosilane reduction, stabilisation and surface modification
  • Wet chemical etching of silicon (silicon recycling, surface structuring)
  • (Poly)silylcarbodiimides, non-oxide gels and highly porous Si/C/N ceramics
  • Phosphosilicates; 'printed electronics'

Contacts: Dr Marcus Schwarz, Dr André Stapf, Prof. Dr Edwin Kroke

  • Molecular and polymeric heptazine derivatives and carbon nitrides
  • C/N and C/N/P flame retardants
  • CNx nanotubes for electrocatalytic applications
  • Sol-gel chemistry (e.g. for coatings and porous materials)
  • Si/Al/O/N systems
  • Si/Al/O/N systems
  • Contacts: Dr Marcus Schwarz, Dr Konstantin Kraushaar, Prof Dr Edwin Kroke

    • Novel high-pressure phases and hard materials (SiAlON)
    • (ultra)hard nanocomposites

    Contact: Dr Marcus Schwarz, Prof Dr Edwin Kroke