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Answers to questions, a printed welcome guide and a welcome gift are available to international newcomers at the Welcome Point of the International Office, Akademiestraße 6, room EG.20. In addition, orientation events are held at the beginning of each semester.

Ein beleuchteter Flur in einem Verwaltungsgebäude mit einer hölzernen Tür, einem Wandschaukasten und einem Prospektständer in Wandnähe


After arriving in Freiberg, you should take care of the formalities before the start of the courses.

Courses do not start immediately on 1 April (summer semester) or 1 October (winter semester), but a little later. However, when they start, you should be enrolled and have access to TUBAF's IT services, including the teaching and learning platform OPAL.

Enrolment takes place at the Admissions Office, Akademiestraße 6, rooms EG.12 and EG.13 (corridor in the picture on the right).
There you will receive your student ID card.

You will find all further information on enrolment and transferring the semester fee in your admission letter.

Formalities Step by Step