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Students usually must provide proof of valid health insurance throughout the entire duration of their studies at TUBAF.
When enrolling, every student must therefore have either an insurance certificate from a German public health insurance company, a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or proof of private health insurance with an additional proof of "exemption from statutory health insurance obligation" (see "Private health insurance").

  • Students in study-preparatory intensive German courses must take out private health insurance. As soon as the regular degree program can be taken up, the change to a statutory health insurance can take place.
  • University preparatory program students ("Studienkolleg"), guest students and students who have reached the age of 30 do not have to submit proof of health insurance for their enrolment.
  • If a student changes the health insurance company or type of health insurance, the student office must be informed.
  • Upon exmatriculation, the entitlement to compulsory insurance in the statutory health insurance as a student ends. You should therefore contact your health insurance company as soon as possible after your exmatriculation.

For enrolment, an electronic notification from your health insurance company must be sent to TUBAF. If you are a member of a German public health insurance or if you are co-insured within the scope of family insurance at a public health insurance, please contact the company stating your name, your insurance number and the sender number "H0000669" of TUBAF. The health insurance company can then make the electronic notification to TUBAF. You do not need to submit any further documents.

If you have private health insurance or are entitled to benefits through your parents or have private family insurance, we require proof of "exemption from the statutory health insurance obligation". It can be obtained at any statutory health insurance company by submitting or presenting a private health insurance contract and stating the dispatch number "H0000669" of TUBAF. The company will then inform TUBAF electronically.

The exemption is valid for the entire duration of studies.  It is not possible to revoke the exemption.

International students will find detailed information on the procedure below.

Professional soldiers are covered by the so-called "Freie Heilfürsorge" health insurance during their period of service.

Until enrolment, we must have the electronic notification of a statutory health insurance fund that you are not subject to compulsory insurance. You must apply for this notification yourself from a statutory health insurance fund.

Health insurance for International Students – Explained in Detail

For students under 30 years of age, we recommend taking out public health insurance for the following reasons:

  • With a public health insurance, you do not have to pay the costs of a doctor's or hospital visit in advance.
  • It provides comprehensive insurance cover including in cases such as pregnancy, patient transport and preventive dental treatment.
  • It offers the possibility, under certain conditions, that your spouse and all biological children are automatically covered ("family insurance"). You do not have to take out another insurance contract for any of them.

For the purchase of a private health insurance, we recommend the tariff "Vela Optimal" which you can find on the website of the German Student Union ("Deutsches Studentenwerk").

The following documents are required to apply for the "exemption from statutory health insurance obligation" at a public health insurance company:

  • Admission letter from TUBAF
  • TUBAF dispatch number "H0000669"
  • Copy of your passport or residence permit
  • Contractual documents of a private health insurance sufficient for studies (a mere travel health insurance is usually not sufficient)

The application can be sent to a local public health insurance company, e.g. Techniker Krankenkasse , AOK, Barmer, IKK.

Social security agreements are in place with the member states of the European Union and the European Economic Area. Among other things, these are intended to ensure that health insurance from a student’s home country is valid in Germany.

If applicable, please get the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from your public health insurance company.

International students with an EHIC must still go through a registration procedure with a statutory health insurance of their choice in Germany. To do so, contact a statutory health insurance company in Germany and send the following data and documents:

  • Copy of your registration from TUBAF
  • TUBAF dispatch number: “H0000669”
  • Name, first name, date of birth, address (in Germany or home address)
  • Copy of your passport or residence permit
  • Copy of your EHIC

For the registration procedure, you can contact a local statutory health insurance company in Freiberg: Techniker Krankenkasse – Poststraße 11, AOK – Korngasse 14, Barmer – Bahnhofstraße 8, IKK – Mühlweg 5.

The cost of a public health insurance is about 125 euro per month. Students who have completed their 30th year of study have to pay about 190 Euro per month.

  • At the end of the semester in which the 30th birthday falls, the public health insurance student tariff ends. The student or doctoral student over 30 can then either take out voluntary insurance with a statutory health insurance company or switch to a private health insurance company. The legal obligation to have sufficient health insurance coverage continues in any case.
  • Written notice of termination of the statutory health insurance is possible within 2 weeks upon reaching the age of 30.
  • If membership in a statutory health insurance already existed before reaching the age of 30, the student can remain in the statutory health insurance, but as a voluntarily insured person.
  • The membership fee in a public health insurance for voluntarily insured persons is between 190 and 210 euros per month.
  • Upon commencement of voluntary membership, students have the right to change the provider of the public health insurance.

Expatrio, Fintiba and Coracle are providers of a combination of a blocked bank account for a visa application, travel health insurance as well as health insurance during studies in Germany. It can already be completed in the home country.