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People's desire for individuality and flexibility in inner-city traffic often leads to high emission levels and a critical parking situation. The extensive use of private cars puts a strain on the entire transport system. To counteract this, the team of researchers in the SteigtUm project is developing an urban mobility concept with micromobiles.

Das Projektteam von SteigtUm

Goals and procedure

In the SteigtUM project, a mobility system is being developed that consists of small electric vehicles suitable for everyday use, an automated rental and charging infrastructure and a universal user interface. The small electric vehicles will be developed in the project and tailored to the needs of the users. They can be seamlessly integrated into the rental and charging infrastructure. A universal usage interface enables many people to use the system easily via smartphone. A multi-stage real-life laboratory in the city of Freiberg accompanies the development with regard to functionality, flexibility, acceptance and user-friendliness.

Innovations and perspectives

The envisaged overall system enables individual, emission-free mobility in urban areas and expands the flexibility of the individual means of public transport. The system offers the widest possible circle of people a cost-effective, easily available and emission-free alternative to the private car.

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