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Study concept

Geophysics is dedicated to the study of the Earth using the methods of physics. It is the study of the physical properties and processes in the Earth's interior, on the Earth's surface and in the Earth's outer space.

During the Master's degree program, students should acquire the knowledge and scientific skills to solve complex problems in the field of geosciences and geoengineering as well as in other socially relevant areas using the methods of geophysics. The program is geared towards modern and future-oriented geophysics, which encompasses geosciences, physics, mathematics and computer science.


Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining (Faculty 3)
Master of Science (M. Sc.)
Standard period of study
4 Semester
Part-time possible
Start of studies
Winter semester
Summer semester
Dual Degree Description

Double degree program is possible and can be selected in the application process. Graduates receive a Master's degree from the Université Paris Cité and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.

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Admission requirement

Bachelor's degree in Geoinformatics/Geophysics at the TU Bergakademie or at least equivalent professionally qualifying university degree with at least 6 semesters

Course language
Professional advice
Prof. Dr. Stefan Buske (Zentrale Studienberatung)
Gustav-Zeuner-Strasse 12
buske [at]
Central Student Advisory Service
Central Student Counselling Service
Prüferstr. 2, 3rd floor, room 3.405
studienberatung [at]
Student Council
Student Representatives Faculty 3 (Geosciences, Geotechnics and Mining)
Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 12
fsr3 [at]
Job opportunities
  • Exploration of resources and raw materials, including geothermal and hydrocarbon deposits, mineral bodies, etc.
  • Environmental monitoring and disaster prevention, including flood control, landslides and earthquake hazards
  • Renewable energy use
  • Climate research
  • Soil investigation
  • Software and data modelling
  • Geophysical observatories

Why study Geophysics at TUBAF?

  • With us, you will get to know the entire spectrum of geophysics, from the Earth's magnetic field to seismology.
  • You can specialize in individual subject areas.
  • The open study regulations offer you many opportunities for development.
  • Good contacts in industry and to other national and international research institutions enable you to spend time abroad, write a Master's thesis outside the university and make a smooth transition into professional life.
  • You will get to know other geophysics students and the world during measurement campaigns and expeditions around the world, from Scandinavia to Chile and New Zealand.
  • Everyone knows everyone: you will meet professors and staff at our barbecues and monthly get-togethers.

Easy contact between students from different semesters.

Alumni Story

She discovered her thirst for adventure early on and was able to live it out during her studies in Freiberg. Students here are involved in science from an early stage - even abroad. Benita's final thesis for her Master's degree took her to Nepal, for example. Together with a lecturer, she carried out geoelectric measurements in a hydrothermal area. The aim was to investigate an earthquake area in more detail. She gained a lot from the Seismik AG's measurement trip to Finland, which resulted in some lasting friendships and a real longing for the country.

Benita Wagner - Geophysicist at the Neumayer III research station in the Antarctic

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Interests and skills that you should bring with you

  • Interested in the earth and the processes in, on and outside the earth's body.
  • Interested in physics, maths and computer science