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Mine surveying and applied geodesy

Study concept

Data mining, mapping, robotics, computer science, data analysis, ...

Practical, varied, unique - that is the Mine Surveying and Applied Geodesy degree programme.

The degree programme enables students to record, analyse and model spatial information and its changes over time, as well as to interpret and evaluate it in context from various perspectives. They acquire a basic understanding of the key processes, driving forces and social framework conditions of mining.

Holistic research, sustainable action

The degree programme aims to provide students with the ability to understand metrological, physical, geotechnical, economic, legal and ecological relationships in the context of the entire value chain, from the exploration of a deposit to project development, They will be able to recognise, assess and evaluate the economic and ecological impact of a deposit, as well as contribute to the development of holistic and sustainable technologies. They will be able to communicate technical contexts and present them to experts and the public.

Qualification and knowledge transfer

Graduates of the degree programme have a solid knowledge of geotechnical engineering and are proficient in the current range of terrestrial, airborne and satellite-based geodetic measurement methods. They can assess the physical principles and geometric relationships of these measurement methods and their instrumental and technological realisation in the context of specific tasks and evaluate them with regard to the achievement of the respective objectives.

Setting specialisations and in-depth studies

Students can set their own specialisations depending on their interests and career prospects. In addition, the entire range of courses offered by TU Bergakademie Freiberg and cooperating universities can be used in the free elective area for individual profiling, whereby orientation is facilitated by a list of recommendations.



Mining is concerned with the extraction of the diverse solid raw materials without which our lives would be inconceivable. In addition to energy raw materials (coal), immense quantities of hard rock, sand, salt, etc. are required. This part of the programme focuses on effective exploration and development as well as the environmentally friendly and safe extraction of raw materials and the recultivation of former mining sites. Naturally, the methods differ between open-cast mining and underground civil engineering, which is why students can set their own focus at this point without completely neglecting the other area.


Faculty of Geosciences, Geoengineering and Mining (Faculty 3)
Diploma (Dipl.-Ing.)
Standard period of study
10 Semester
Part-time possible
Start of studies
Winter semester
Admission requirement

Abitur or subject-specific higher education entrance qualification or an entrance qualification recognized as equivalent

Language requirement

Course language
Professional advice
Prof. Jörg Benndorf
Fuchsmühlenweg 9
studiendekan.mageo [at]
Central Student Advisory Service
Central Student Counselling Service
Prüferstr. 2, 3rd floor, room 3.405
studienberatung [at]
Student Council
Student Representatives Faculty 3 (Geosciences, Geotechnics and Mining)
Gustav-Zeuner-Str. 12
fsr3 [at]
Job opportunities

The aim of the degree programme is to prepare students for a career as a mine surveyor or as a graduate surveyor specialising in engineering surveying in mining and civil engineering. The degree programme qualifies graduates for specialist admission to trainee surveyor training. Graduates of the degree programme can find employment primarily in mining, the energy and raw materials industry as well as in construction and the public sector.

Raw materials management: e.g. in mine surveying departments of mining and exploration companies

Geotechnics: e.g. in tunnelling, dams, reservoirs and reservoirs. e.g. tunnelling, dam construction, remediation mining, utility companies

Soft and hardware development

Sales: e.g. in the field of geotechnics

Public administration: e.g. at mining and environmental authorities. e.g. mining and environmental authorities

Introduction to the degree programme

Marking and Applied Geodesy (Diploma)