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Understanding connections, recognising new questions, exchanging ideas with others - the general studies (Studium generale) programme stimulates in many ways. The lecture series and teaching events are aimed at students of all disciplines and interested citizens alike.

You can find the general studies programme in the proWissen booklet. You can download the issue of the current semester here

proWissen booklet

Longstanding tradition

For over 20 years, the general studies, under the professional direction of Prof. Dr. Helmuth Albrecht, Director of the Institute for Industrial Archaeology, History of Science and Technology (IWTG), has offered an interdisciplinary, general education pr

Comprehensive education beyond the subject area

Students are given the opportunity to educate themselves beyond their subject area. For employees of TUBAF as well as citizens, the general studies open up the opportunity to attend (higher) education during or after their active professional time.

Varied offer

The lecture series and lecture series of the general studies deal with topics from science, politics, economics, culture and society. The second focus of the programme is on selected courses of the IWTG