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A double or triple degree programme ("multiple degree programme") enables nominated students to obtain two or even three full university degrees from different universities. The basis for this is an active agreement between TUBAF and the respective partner university. This agreement regulates the application formalities including the application deadlines.


An application usually begins with the nomination of a candidate by the sending university. Please send the nomination to the contact person named below in accordance with the applicable deadline for the respective multiple degree programme as per the agreement.

Mobility certificate for the study visit to Germany

If the applicant for the multiple degree programme comes from a country outside the European Economic Area and has a residence permit from the first EU country, it is possible to apply for a mobility certificate. An important prerequisite for obtaining a mobility certificate for Germany is that the period of validity of the residence permit from the first EU country includes the planned period of stay at TUBAF (Example: The residence permit from the first EU country is valid until 30 September 2024.In this case, it is not possible to obtain a mobility certificate for Germany for the winter semester 2024/2025, as this semester begins on 1 October 2024.)

The mobility certificate replaces the residence permit for study purposes.

The application is submitted online by TUBAF. Please get in touch with the contact person.

Contact person

Contact Person

Torsten Mayer
Programmstudierende, Gastwissenschaftler
Akademiestraße 6, Zimmer EG.21, 09599 Freiberg
torsten.mayer [at]

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Tuesday 13:00 to 15:30

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