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Offers and events in the faculties enable discoveries and insights into specific courses and fields of study.


Pupils' College Chemistry from 12.09. until 15.09.2023

Course of studies: Chemistry

The Chemistry Pupils' College opens its doors and invites all those interested to explore the laboratories of the chemistry institutes and take part in exciting experiments!

The day begins with a captivating experimental lecture, followed by an informative talk by the Dean of Studies, who will provide important insights into the study of chemistry. During an exciting discovery tour, there will be insights into the modern laboratories and the opportunity to experience first-hand the fascinating fields and methods of work of various chemical disciplines through a variety of experiments.

In addition to the varied technical programme, other highlights await, such as a trip to the "Reiche Zeche" research and training mine and a fascinating guided tour of the impressive "terra mineralia" mineral collection.

As a crowning finale of the student college, there is a cosy barbecue evening. In a relaxed atmosphere with scientists and students, impressions can be exchanged and questions clarified.

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Kinder beobachten einen 3D Drucker

Pupil laboratory 'Materials'

... materials of all things?

A modern world needs modern materials - efficient, intelligent and ecologically compatible. Without innovative materials and technologies they would be unthinkable: Mobile phones, vehicles, computers - or even our formula racing car, which students from our university built during their studies in Freiberg!

In the school laboratory "Science meets School - Materials and Technologies in Freiberg", children and young people become "materials detectives". They explore the world of materials, their production and important material properties. Their own experiments in real research laboratories illustrate how decisive the microstructure of a material is for its properties, for example. Modern research equipment such as a scanning electron microscope is available for this purpose.

Teachers will find interesting opportunities to supplement and profile their lessons, especially in mathematical and scientific subjects, as well as attractive offers for individual further training.

the school laboratory "Science meets school"