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Lecture: The first employment contract

Lecture: The first employment contract

The first employment contract - first check, then sign!

In addition to the basic concepts of labour law and the associated legal bases, you will learn what university graduates should pay particular attention to when initiating and concluding an employment contract.

You will receive first-hand information, including on the form and content of the employment contract (with the basic rights and obligations of the contracting parties),

trial period, notice periods, working hours and place of work, holidays, pay and special payments, as well as other problem areas.

In addition, there will be information on the legal situation regarding fixed-term contracts and internships.

This lecture is being held in cooperation with the university team of the Federal Employment Agency.

Registration is not required!

No protection and expense fee will be charged for the lecture.

Event location
Conference room SIZ, (Prüferstraße 2, SIZ, ground floor);
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