Buddy programme

About the programme

The idea is simple: students of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, the "buddies", get in touch with international students new to Freiberg. New students might appreciate help especially during their first days in Freiberg and at the university. A buddy can help you e.g. with flat-hunting, enrolment, administrative paperwork or if you have difficulties with the German language. It's not uncommon that international friendships develop and continue after the study time in Feiberg is over.

Looking for a buddy?

Are you about to start your study at TU Bergakademie Freiberg and need help with flat-hunting, enrolment, opening of a bank account?

Are you looking for someone who will give you all the advice and practical support about university and life in Freiberg you need?

– Just register to the Buddy Programme by using the following form. We will find a buddy for you! Please register early and please be patient. It can take several weeks to find a student buddy for you.

Registration form

DEUTSCH: Zur Unterstützung nach meiner Ankunft in Freiberg und für die Erledigung von Formalitäten zu Beginn des Studiums möchte ich gern einen Mentor.

ENGLISH: For my support after the arrival in Freiberg and for dealing with formalities at the beginning of my studies I would like to have a student buddy.


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Want to be a buddy?

Are you keen to meet people of different nationalities, want to learn about their culture, do you want to brush up your foreign languages? Do you want to do something useful and meaningfull in your spare time?

Join us and become a buddy!

What does a buddy do?

Especially in the initial phase you are the contact person for the new student. You give him/her practical support and listen to his/her worries.

In particular, you may be asked to help with flat-hunting, enrolment, paperwork. You can also offer joint free time activities. How about inviting your buddy to your favourite pub or to a party! It's all up to you and your buddy-partner, how much involved you get.

To be a buddy is lots of fun. You'll enhance your interpersonal skills and learn a lot about German offices. You'll meet new interesting people and form new friendships.

Interested? Send us an e-mail with your contact data, foreign languages and avaliability.


Please contact us via e-mail: mentoratiuz [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de

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