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Studying remains affordable

In Germany, studying is increasingly becoming a financial and organizational challenge. Rents above the Bafög flat-rate housing allowance and long waiting lists for the comparatively cheap dormitory places are a burden on new students in many university cities. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg is an exception.

Here are our figures on living, housing and studying.

Studying remains affordable

Our figures on living, housing and studying in Freiberg

94 EUR

currently accrue for the semester contribution. Expensive semester tickets are not needed in Freiberg. The distances are short and the Deutschlandticket, at 49 EUR per month, ensures inexpensive mobility throughout the Federal Republic.

262 EUR

costs student housing on average at the Studentenwerk Freiberg. Heating costs, electricity, Internet and TV connection are already included. 360 EUR housing allowance are included in the current BAföG maximum rate.

Under 800 EUR

amount to the average monthly total costs for students in Freiberg including housing costs according to a survey of the student council from 2022. The current BAföG maximum rate is 934 EUR.

Grafik der tagesschau, die durchschnittliche WG-Mieten in Deutschland zeigt. Die Spitzengruppe bilden München (720 EUR), Berlin (640 EUR) und Frankfurt am Main (580 EUR). Die günstigsten Mieten finden sich in Wismar (335 EUR), Chemnitz (290 EUR) und Freiberg (289 EUR)
Rektor Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht

"In Freiberg, students can study, live and reside close to campus and surrounded by the historic old town - and all that affordably!"

Prof. Dr Klaus-Dieter Barbknecht, Rector of TU Bergakademie Freiberg

Our promise

In Germany, studying is currently becoming a financial and organizational challenge. Rents above the BAfög flat rate and long waiting lists for the relatively inexpensive dormitory places and shared flats are a burden on new students in many university cities, as this tagesschau report shows.

That is why the city and the university give all study starters in Freiberg the guarantee of an available single apartment or shared room in the dormitories of the Freiberg Student Union or with the municipal housing company.

Contribution from tagesschau on 06.09.2023


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