Publikationen 2020

Publikationen 2020

Internationale Zeitschriften 

A. Jäschke, T. Stumpf, A. Aliabadi, B. Büchner, V. Kataev, T. Hahn, J. Kortus, B. Kersting 
Tetranuclear Lanthanide Complexes Supported by Hydroxyquinoline-Calix[4]arene-Ligands: Synthesis,Structure, and Magnetic Properties of [Ln4(H3L)2(µ-OH)2(NO3)4]  (Ln = Tb, Dy, Yb) and  [Dy2(H4L)2(NO3)](NO3)
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 44, (2020)  4203 - 4214

M. Feig, M. Baenitz, M. Bobnar, K. Lüders, M. Naumann, W. Schnelle, S. Medvediev, K. M. Ranjith, E. Hassinger, T. Weigel, D. C. Meyer, A. Leithe-Jasper, J. Kortus, R. Gumeniuk 
Anisotropic superconductivity and quantum ascillations in the layered dichalcogenide TaSnS2
Phys. Rev. B  102, (2020)  214501 (10 pp)

L. Mühlenbein, C.B. Singh, A. Lotnyk, C. Himcinschi, Y. Yun, N. Ramakrishnegowda, D.S. Knoche, X. Li, and A. Bhatnagar 
Nanocomposites with Three-Dimensional Architecture and Impact on Photovoltaic Effect
Nano Lett.  20, (2020) 8789, 7pp

S. Schwalbe, L. Fiedler, J. Kraus, J. Kortus, K. Trepte, S. Lehtola
PyFLOSIC: Python-based Fermi-Löwdin orbital self-interaction correction
J. Chem. Phys. 153 (2020) 084104, 14pp

R. Starke, R. Wirnata, G. A. H. Schober, N. Bulut, J. Kortus
Wavevector-dependent optical properties from wavevector-independent proper conductivity tensor
Eur. Phys. J. B. 93 (2020) 14pp

M. Herms, G. Irmer, G. Kupka, N. Kirchner, M. Wagner 
Comparative Study of the Photoelastic Anisotropy of Si and GaAs
J. Elektron. Mater. 49 (2020) 5205 - 5212

W. W. Rudolph and G. Irmer 
On the Hydration of the Rare Earth Ions in Aqueous Solution
J. Solution Chem.  49 (2020) 316 - 331

H. Zielke, T. Wetzig, C. Himcinschi, M. Abendroth, M. Kuna, and C.G. Aneziris 
Influence of carbon content and coking temperature on the biaxial flexural strength of carbon-bonded alumina at elevated temperatures
Carbon 159 (2020) 324 9pp

R. Morrow, M.I. Sturza, R. Ray, C. Himcinschi, J. Kern, P. Schlender,  M. Richter, S. Wurmehl, and B. Büchner  
Discovery, crystal growth, and characterization of garnet Eu2PbSb2Zn3O12
Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 26 (2020) 2512 9pp


J. Kraus, S. Schwalbe, K. Trepte, J. Kortus 
Self-interaction correction applied to molecules in solution
6th Conference on Cellular Materials - CellMAT 2020, 07.-09.10.2020, Webkonferenz, Vortrag

S. Brehm, C. Himcinschi, M. Rudolph, T. Hammer, B. Bock, D. Rafaja, C.G. Aneziris, J. Kortus 
Raman spectroscopic characterization of binder systems for carbon-bonded filters
6th Conference on Cellular Materials - CellMAT 2020, 07.-09.10.2020, Webkonferenz, Vortrag

J. Kraus, S. Schwalbe, S. Brehm, C. Himcinschi, J. Kortus 
DFT modeling of Raman spectra for binder components
MSE 2020  - Materials Science and Engineering Congress, Darmstadt, 22.-25.09.2020, Webkonferenz, Vortrag

Habilitation, Doktor-, Master-, Bachelorarbeiten

Anita Katheras
Investigation of the electronic properties of Cs-intercalated WSe2 using electron-energy loss spectroscopy
Masterarbeit, 07.12.2020

Nathan Leubner
Temperaturabhängige ramanspektroskopische Charakterisierung von NiPS3 und FePS3 bulk-Kristallen
Bachelorarbeit, 11.11.2020

Cameliu Constantin Himcinschi
Raman spectroscopy: from ferroelastic domain identification to strain tuning
Kumulative Habilitationsschrift, 10.09.2020