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04/2021 Kost, S.; Rheinbach, O.; Schaeben, H. Using logistic regression model selection towards interpretable machine learning in Mineral prospectivity modeling
03/2021 Heinlein, A.; Rheinbach, O.; Röver, F. Parallel Scalability of Three-Level FROSch Preconditioners to 220 000 Cores using the Theta Supercomputer
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01/2021 Heinlein, A.; Rheinbach, O.; Röver, F. Choosing the Subregions in Three-Level FROSch Preconditioners


Nummer Autor(en) Titel
02/2020 Nath, H. N.; Dempe, S.; Dhamala, T. N. A Bicriteria Approach for Saving a Path Maximizing Dynamic Contraflow
01/2020 Kost, S.; Rheinbach, O.; Schaeben, H. Logistic regression for prospectivity modeling


Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
05/2017 Klawonn, A.; Lanser, M., Rheinbach, O. Nonlinear BDDC Methods with Inexact Solvers
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01/2017 Klawonn, A.; Kühn, M., Rheinbach, O. FETI-DP and BDDC Methods with a Generalized Transformation of Basis for Heterogeneous Problems: Connections to Deflation


Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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03/2016 Heinlein, A.; Klawonn, A.; Rheinbach, O. Parallel Overlapping Schwarz with an Energy-Minimizing Coarse Space
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
17/2015 Klawonn, A.; Lanser, M.; Rheinbach, O. A Highly Scalable Implementation of Inexact Nonlinear FETI-DP without Sparse Direct Solvers
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
10/2010 von Wolfersdorf, L. Zur Theorie der Spiele über dem Einheitsquadrat mit unbeschränkter Auszahlungsfunktion
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Nummer Autor(en) Titel
03/2009 Dempe, S.; Dutta, J. Is Bilevel Programming a Special Case of a Mathematical Program with Complementarity Constraints?
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01/2009 Mersha, A.G.; Dempe, S. Direct Search Algorithm for Bilevel Programming Problems


Nummer Autor(en) Titel
05/2008 Dempe, S.; Zemkoho, A.B. A Bilevel Approach for Traffic Management in Capacitated Networks
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