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Doktor-, Master-, Bachelorarbeiten

  • Simon Brehm
    Superoscillations of terahertz phonons in superlattices investigated by asynchronous optical sampling
    Masterarbeit, 23.10.2019
  • Jan Rix
    Set-up and test of a Brillouin spectrometer for biomedical applications
    Masterarbeit, 30.09.2019
  • Jakob Kraus
    Self-interaction correction applied to molecules in solution
    Masterarbeit, 20.09.2019
  • Jonas Kern
    Application of Raman tensor formalism to different crystals
    Bachelorarbeit, 19.09.2019
  • Simon Liebing
    Electronic structure and transport in low dimensional systems
    Dissertation, 19.07.2019
  • Julia Richter
    Application of FLOSIC-DFT to Fe(II) spin crossover complexe
    Bachelorarbeit, 31.01.2019