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Doktor-, Master-, Bachelorarbeiten

  • Marcel Schiwarth
    Ab-initio investigation of copper-vacancy nanoclusters in bcc iron
    Masterarbeit, 21.11.2014
  • René Wirnata
    An ab initio study on phononic and electronic contributions to the heat capacity of Al5Fe2
    Bachelorarbeit, 30.10.2014
  •  Christian Röder
    Strain, charge carriers, and phonon polaritons in wurtzite GaN - a Raman spectroscopical view
    Dissertation, 30.09.2014
  • Sebastian Schwalbe
    DFT investigations of BiFeO3 phases: bandgap and dielectric functions calculations
    Masterarbeit, 24.06.2014
  • Silvia Bahmann
    Development of an evolutionary algorithm for crystal structure prediction
    Dissertation 15.04.2014
  • Kai Trepte
    Magnetic and electronic properties of Ni2S2O2N6C57H78P+ on Au(111) in comparison to the isolated molecule 
    Masterarbeit 29.01.2014
  • Hussein Farahani
    A computational study of trends in the elastic properties phases of Fe-N-X employing ab initio density-functional-theory calculations
    Master Thesis 17.01.2014