Welcome to the Chair of Reaction Engineering

The chair of Reaction Engineering is part of the Institute of Energy Process and Chemical Engineering dedicated to the faculty of Mechanical, Process and Energy Engineering. The profile of research and teaching mainly implies industrial chemistry and heterogeneous catalysis. The research topics address fundamental and applied aspects in the fields of exhaust gas purification, CO2 abatement as well as production of synthetic and biogenic fuels. A particular feature is the knowledge-based development of advanced catalytic materials and chemical processes.

The teaching activities reflect a broad variety of themes of chemical process engineering in the study course of process engineering.  Additionally, the chair accounts for courses of chemical reaction engineering related to students of chemistry, environmental engineering, economics and energy technology.


R&D study on new AdBlue swirling technique in lean exhaust gases published … weiterlesen

12 Jan 2022 |

New publication

Publication on low-temperature NOx reduction by H2 accepted by Society of American Engineers … weiterlesen

Our study on greenhouse gas reduced fuels and other energy carriers was recently published. … weiterlesen

Talk on low-temperature NOx reduction in automotive exhaust gases … weiterlesen

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