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The project has been working flat out since it began in April, and now the time has come: with the technical implementation of the group module, the new Drupal system can be rolled out to the entire university. This means that faculties, institutes, facilities, project groups, etc. can once again create and edit their own content. This is still an ongoing project.

On the following web pages, we will inform you about relevant innovations, and you will also find answers to the most important questions about the rollout as well as organisational information and relevant information material.

For urgent questions and to report serious technical malfunctions, please contact the web relaunch project team at the e-mail address webteam [at] tu-freiberg [dot] de.

In order to plan training programmes and formats in 2024, we are asking all editors to take part in our short, anonymous survey (approx. 2 minutes). We would like to know:

  • How did the launch go, are you finding your way around the new system well?
  • Where are there still problems and uncertainties?
  • Which training formats would you prefer to use (self-study slides, basic training, video tutorials, ....)?

To the survey

Note: You must be logged out for the survey form to appear. This is to ensure anonymity


Important information at a glance

Dates for web consultation hour for editors

  • The last open consultation hour took place on 7 December 2023. We will adapt the format in the new year in line with the results of the survey.

Matrix chat for exchange and help

  • To the chat room
  • Exchange between experienced and new editors, web team and HiWis also available with restrictions



Upcoming Events

There are no events here yet. Check back later!