Förderphase 2009-2015


Multiphase systems

Multiphase systemsScientists of the multi-phase systems group will analyse the behaviour of the different forms of materials, their interactions and structural and physical or chemical changes during high temperature conversion processes (taking into account thermo­dyna­mics).

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Interphase phenomena

Interphase phenomenaThe interphase phenomena group will investigate the processes and mechanisms of phase boundaries and boundary layers of phase boundaries in fluid flows. The main aspects are the mass and energy transport and process related changes of the phase boundary and the boundary layer.

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Reacting flow systems

Reacting flow systemsThe research of the Reacting Flow Systems (RSS) group focuses on the numerical simulation of high-temperature conversion processes using so­phis­ti­cated models combined with 3D CFD. The researchers work both on the multi-scale model development for chemically reacting gas flows as well as on the integrated and comprehensive process simulation and virtualisation of the full process. Advanced submodels developed by the MPS and IPP groups are combined with the newly developed models from the group itself for Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) simulations of gasification and combustion processes.

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