Multiphase systems (MPS)

Research Group Leader
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Guhl

Figures and Facts

First funding period: 11/2009–02/2015
Budget: 5,1 Mio. €

Research Topics

The long term objective of the Research Group "Multiphase Systems" is the development of a consistent and extended database of multiphase systems in order to predict the property changes of materials involved in metallurgical and gasification processes. It includes the development of database for the thermodynamic properties of materials in the temperature range from ambient to 1800 °C and for pressures from 1 to 100 bars. If the experimental data are not available in the literature the properties (heat capacity, melting point, chemical activity) are measured using e.g. calorimetric techniques. Some specific properties of molten slags (encountered in metallurgical and gasification processes) such as the viscosity and surface tension are measured at temperatures up to 1750 °C and modelled. The models developed to predict the physico-chemical properties of the molten slags are based on the thermodynamic properties of these complex mixtures. In addition, a special insight is devoted to the transformation of coals used as feedstock in gasification processes. It includes the analysis of the products evolved under gasification conditions as well as the evolution of the morphology of the coal particles using computer tomography and the changes in mineral matter which form the ash and the slag at elevated temperatures. The data and models developed in the frame of the Research Group "Multiphase Systems" will be coupled with the results gained by the two other groups involved in the Virtuhcon project to model high temperature conversion processes in real conditions.


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