Communicating Business Models - VERSCHOBEN

Die Veranstaltung wird auf das Wintersemester 20/21 verschoben. Ein neuer Termin steht noch nicht fest.

Every idea needs a working business model if you want it to last and develop over the long term. The Business Model Canvas (BMC) helps to bring all the essential elements of a successful business model into a scalable system. It enables to examine the topics of value proposition, operational implementation and earnings model step by step.

SAXXED offers a workshop which permits to exploit the recovery potential of your own ideas or projects, which for example are generated from your dissertation  or scientific research work. The participants will learn all the basics to structure a business model. As part of business modeling, the participants will put the knowledge into practice. In the second block of the workshop, the participants learn how they can formulate their idea in a targeted manner and present it as part of a “pitch deck”. The skills learned are applied in practice and assessed individually.


• Basics of the business model canvas
• Components of a business model
• Business modeling
• Creation of your own pitch deck

Participation is free of charge, but you need to register on or per mail to isabel [dot] schulzeatsaxeed [dot] net.

15. Mai 2020, 09:30 - 16:30
TU Bergakademie Freiberg