Short course in Comminution of Minerals

Efficient comminution processes require a careful process design and presume a deep understanding of the grinding fundamentals as well as the appropriate machinery. This machinery includes comminution devices from crushing to fine grinding as well as different kinds of classifiers like sieves, hydro cyclones, static and dynamic air classifiers.

In the seminar "Comminution of Minerals" you will learn about the principles of comminution, how to apply these for the selection of crushing and grinding equipment, and how to optimize existing grinding circuits in order to increase product yield along with low specific production costs.

The course has the following objectives and outcomes:

  • material characterization in crushing and grinding circuits
  • understanding and influencing the fracture behavior in comminution processes
  • basic knowledge of machinery selection: application, design, working principles, and basic engineering of the different types of crushers and mills in mineral processing
  • process related know how: design, evaluation, and optimization of crushing and grinding circuits

The course is combining both classroom lectures as well as lab visits

This course has been designed for engineers, technicians, and scientific users in the field of mineral processing, process, mechanical, environmental and chemical engineering or metallurgy. If you are working in production, sales, maintenance, laboratory, R&D and related fields, it might be also of interest for you.

Registration deadline: 01.09.2017

26. September 2017, 08:30 - 27. September 2017, 18:00
Krügerhaus, Schlossplatz 3, 09599 Freiberg