EIT RawMaterials @ COMMET 2017

COMMET 2017 - International Symposium on Accelerated Exploration of Novel Metal Systems

Metals and alloys have influenced human life so profoundly that without them the modern world would be inconceivable and could not function successfully.

The study of metallurgy is the oldest branch of physical science − over millennia, it has evolved to become a highly sophisticated research field that influences almost all the sectors of industry.

To maintain this strategic industrial strength, it is imperative that the scientific and industrial communities continue to make new metallurgical discoveries. For breakthrough product developments where limited reference data are available, a massive number of compositional ranges need screening prior to selecting the interesting chemistries. Therefore, combinatorial methodologies significantly accelerate the pace of material discovery and optimisation, in contrast to the traditional, slow trial-and-error approach.

This symposium is (co-)organised by OCAS, one of the EIT RawMaterials partners. If you are intersted in attending this event, please register here.

26. September 2017, 13:00 - 27. September 2017, 13:00
Materials Research Cluster Gent, Belgium