Successful Time Management

Time is an exceptional resource. Each person gets the same amount of time every day. There is no way to either replace or accumulate time.

All of us always face a lot of tasks - at university and on the job - and all these tasks need to be handled. Then add freetime, hobbies, part-time jobs and we even need more time. Apart from that, there are often other time-consuming chores and activities.

To face these daily challenges we will look at topics such as energy management and life areas in balance that build a solid ground upon which we can add classic and modern time management tools. In this training you learn how to tackle every day time management.


-       How good is your time management?

-       How can we structure a day and reduce stress?

-       How can we keep motivated and focused?

-       Goal setting and how to raise efficiency.

-       How do we avoid disruptions and other time thieves?

-       Prioritization and helpful work flows.

-       Ways of improving concentration and focus.

This training is done in cooperation with the „Techniker Krankenkasse“.

The number of participants is limited - there will be a small charge.

14. Juni 2017, 10:00 - 17:00
Seminarraum Career Center 2.404 | Prüferstraße 2, SIZ, 2. OG