Founded in 2000, the SEG SC Freiberg turns 20 this year!

In celebration we organised a series of online talks:

SEG Student Chapter Freibergs 20th anniversary talks:

Doug Kirwin & Tony Truelove

Monday 3rd of August, 9AM-12PM CEST


Douglas J. Kirwin: The discovery history of the giant Oyu Tolgoi porphyry gold copper deposits, South Gobi, Mongolia
Tony Truelove: The Tellerhäuser Tin-Zinc-Indium Deposit, Saxony, Germany – Rejuvenation of an Historical Project
Tony Truelove:  The Bhukia Gold Deposit, Rajasthan, India – From Little Things, Big Things Grow

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SEG Student Chapter Freibergs 20th anniversary talks:

Moritz Kirsch & Zhaoshan Chang

Monday 3rd of August, 5PM-7PM CEST


Moritz Kirsch: Virtual outcrops for exploration
Zhaoshan Chang: Mineral chemistry and its application in exploration

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SEG Student Chapter Freibergs 20th anniversary talks:

Doug Kirwin

Tuesday 4th of August, 9AM-11:30AM CEST


Douglas J. Kirwin: Characteristics of intrusion-related copper-bearing tourmaline breccia pipes
Douglas J. Kirwin: Exploration success at the Cloncurry IOCG district, northwest Queensland Australia
Douglas J. Kirwin: Heap leach gold mining

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SEG Student Chapter Freibergs 20th anniversary talks:

Laura Tusa & Margret Fuchs

Tuesday 4th of August, 5PM-6:45PM CEST


Laura Tusa: Operational digital core scanning: The Spain 2019 Project
Margret Fuchs: Innovations in optical sensors for drill cores and material streams

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About the speakers:

Douglas. J. Kirwin

Doug is an independent geologist with 45 years of international exploration experience. As a member of the joint discovery team for the Hugo Dummett deposit at Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, he was a co-recipient of the PDAC inaugural Thayer Lindsley medal awarded for the most significant international mineral discovery in 2004. Other mineral discoveries made by Mr. Kirwin’s exploration teams include the Jelai-Mewet and Seryung epithermal deposits in north east Kalimantan, the Eunsan-Moisan gold mines in South Korea, the Moditaung gold deposits in Myanmar and the Merlin Re-Mo deposit in Australia.

Tony Truelove

Tony has over 35 years of professional experience in the resource industry covering project acquisition, mineral exploration, feasibility studies and mine geology / grade control. He has experience exploring for a variety of metals in numerous jurisdictions including Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, Indonesia, South Korea, UK, West Africa and Zimbabwe.

Zhaoshan Chang

Zhaoshan is professor for geology and geological engineering at the Colorado School of Mines. His research topics include several deposit types, ore forming processes, magma fertility and regional metallogenesis using a variety of techniques such as LA-ICP-MS, dating and fluid inclusion analysis, spectral analysis, isotope geochemistry and whole rock geochemistry.

Moritz Kirsch

Moritz is research associate at the Helmholtz Institut Freiberg für Resourcentechnologie (HIF) and the group leader for outcrop sensing and geological 3d modelling in the division of exploration.  As the principal geologist in the H2020 INFACT project, his main tasks are geological input of the certification procedure, scientific support of survey planning, quality control of geophysical data, and data management coordination.

Margret Fuchs

Margret is research associate at the Helmholtz Institut Freiberg für Resourcentechnologie (HIF) and the group leader for near-field sensing in the division of exploration. Her research topics include luminescence spectroscopy and dating of natural minerals, as well as geochronology in permafrost environments.

Laura Tusa

Laura is Ph.D. student at the Helmholtz Institut Freiberg für Resourcentechnologie (HIF) and part of the department of analytics. For her thesis she is working on hyperspectral imaging in geometallurgy and its opportunities for the mining industry.



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