General Information

The Conference and the evening event will be held in the university town Freiberg. Further information to sights and different events you will find here. The following pages will give you information for your journey to Freiberg, the event locations and resting and parking possibilities.

Journey to Freiberg

Description of Way to Freiberg

Freiberg has a train station too. For travelling with "Deutsche Bahn" please click here.

Map of the historic city of Freiberg

Map of historic city of Freiberg

Comments to the marked points:
  1. Event location "Alte Mensa"
  2. Hotel Alekto
  3. Hotel am Obermarkt
  4. Hotel Brauhof
  5. Hotel Kreller
  6. Hotel Silberhof
  7. Hotel Blaue Blume
  8. Train station
  9. Castle Freudenstein "Terra Mineralia"
  10. Untermarkt
  11. Institute of Mining TUBAF
  12. Shaft Reiche Zeche
  13. Ballhaus "Tivoli"