Review 1st Freiberger Promovierendenkonferenz "Moments of Finding"

On June 9th 2016 the first conference took place within the framework of BHT under the title "Moments of Finding". Here is the full review...

On June 9th 2016 the first conference took place within the framework of BHT under the title "Moments of Finding". For organisation and realisation ProRat was supported by GraFA.

As the headline reveals, the focus of the first conference was on the processes and moments where every scientist independent from the particular subject learn something important, discover an outstanding solution or develop a useful tool for others. Embedded in the presentation of their own scientific work, the speakers talked about their experiences with these learning processes, obstacles and indirect routes as well as with the moments of breakthroughs.

The participants were from 5 faculties of TUBAF. PhD candidates in the area of business studies but also mathematics, chemistry, drilling engineering, mineralogy and material science presented their work. The event was framed by two keynote speeches: Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing. Tom Hänel spoke on "Industry 4.0" andDr. Roh Pin Lee gave a talk on the topic "Publish or Perish? - making the Most of Our PhD and Academic Experience".

The interesting conference was followed by the Summer Get-together event in front of Mensa with BBQ, drinks and nice conversations.

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