Constitutive Meeting of 4th Phd Council

The 4th PhD council just had its first (and thus constitutive) meeting within the current electoral period. 

Your newly elected PhD representatives, sorted by faculty affiliation, are:

1Volker Göhler
2René Wirnata
3Mohammad Qaasim Yahyah
3Stefanie Walter
3Chux Onaa
5Nadja Lumme
5Asol Mehlhorn

Further, we have some associated contributors:

2Simon Liebing
4Vadym Fetisov
5Tilo Zienert

During our first meeting, we introduced ourselves to each other and talked about the agenda and roadmap of the current legislative period. We also assigned certain tasks and seats in university panels (e.g. Rectorate Commission for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion) to our new members.

You will find a comprehensive list of all occupied positions on our website, as well as a short introduction of each new member including her/his foci.