Publikationen im Jahr 2021

Zeitschriften / Konferenzbände (peer review)

1.   Richter, Sylvia/Heyde, Frank/Horsch, Andreas/Wünsche, Andreas: Determinants of project bond prices – Insights into infrastructure and energy capital markets, in: Energy Economics, Vol. 97, 2021, Art. 105175,

Hundt, Steffen/Jahnel, Johanna/Horsch, Andreas: Power Purchase Agreements and Financing Renewables – An Interdependency, in: The Journal of Structured Finance, Vol. 27, 2021, No. 1, S. 35-50.

Eickstädt, Anja/Horsch, Andreas: Financial technology and systemic risk, in: Chiu, Iris H.-Y./ Deipenbrock, Gudula (eds.): Routledge Handbook of Financial Technology and Law, London/New York (Routledge) 2021, S. 96-115.

Tautz, Alexander/Holtfort, Thomas: Social Trading als alternative Form der Kapitalanlage, in: Corporate Finance, 12. Jg., 2021, Nr. 3-4, S. 71-76.

Holtfort, Thomas/Horsch, Andreas/Schwarz, Joachim: Global FinTech Entrepreneurship and its Influencing Factors: An Evolutionary Economic Analysis, in: Risk Governance & Control: Financial Markets & Institutions, Vol. 11, 2021, No. 1, S. 61-79.

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