Gender-talks in Freiberg

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Series of talks on equal opportunity at the TU Bergakademie Freiberg

For most people living in the western culture of the 21st century partnerships between women and men are an apparently natural value. However, a realisation of that value in the structures of the academic activities in Germany still is far away from reality.

Almost 100 years after the first women had been fighting for their entrance into the universities, still only every 7th professorship in Saxony is occupied by women. The number of women on supervisory boards of the German economy is even smaller. But do women and men really want this imbalance - the dominance of men in leading positions?

This series of talks should contribute to understand the background of this persistent phenomenon and offer students, lecturers and executives an orientation for constructive changes. The gender-talks in Freiberg take place twice a year and are organized together with the equal opportunity commissioners of the administrative district of Middle Saxony and the city of Freiberg.


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