Workshop "Founding compactly"

In addition to the development of the business model and the search for suitable sources of financing, the formal establishment of a company is a challenge for prospective founders. Which legal form suits my startup? Which authorities do I have to register with? What taxes do I need to plan for? All these questions can quickly overwhelm the founding team and lead to sensitive additional demands.

For this purpose, SAXEED offers a seminar that imparts compact knowledge in three hours. The goal is to present the ideal-typical process of formal company formation and to inform about the most important reporting requirements. In addition to the presentation and evaluation of different legal forms (partnership vs. corporation), the most important tax types of a startup are also addressed. Exercises and case studies will allow the new knowledge to be applied directly.


- Ideal-typical process and types of a company formation 

- Overview of reporting obligations when founding a company

- Overview of legal forms

- Overview of tax types

The speaker Andre Uhlmann is a SAXEED employee and supports founding teams from idea generation to implementation.

workshop is free, please contact marika [dot] hoyeratsaxeed [dot] net

30. Juni 2022, 09:00 - 13:00
SAXEED-Base Halsbrücker Straße 34 09599 Freiberg