Best Poster Award "Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik" to ITUN

The Best Poster Award at the annual meeting 2021 of the ProcessNet subsection “Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik” has been conferred to a poster presented by ITUN researchers.

The poster entitled

“Predicting vapor-liquid equilibria from the densities of binary non-saturated mixtures of CO2 and organic solvent at elevated pressures”

was presented by Martin Dirauf (doctoral researcher), Max Conrad (Master graduate at that time) and Andreas Braeuer. The jury justified its distinction with the multitude of measured data points, the precision of conduct and the reflection of the results in a fundamental thermodynamic model.

The digital meeting of the ProcessNet subsection “Hochdruckverfahrenstechnik” took place at the TU Clausthal in Clausthal-Zellerfeld from 15th-16th March, 2021.

The respective work has been accomplished within a project funded by the German Research Foundation (Br3766 19-1) on the analysis of heat and mass transfer processes in gels. Parts of this work have been carried out by Max Conrad during his Master graduation thesis.

A pdf-version of the poster can be downloaded.

The respective work also resulted in a manuscript which we submitted to an international peer-reviewed journal. Currently this journal is within the review process.