ITUN @ SPIE Optical Metrology 2019

ITUN Doctoral researcher Leo Bahr took part in the World of Photonics Congress that was held in Munich, GER from the 23rd to the 27th of June 2019.

 Within the SPIE Optical Metrology meeting on “Optical Measurement Systems for Industrial Inspection” he gave a talk entitled: “Rotational Raman spectroscopy for in situ temperature and composition determination in reactive flows”. His talk especially addressed the advanced data evaluation and processing approach (Bayesian inference) used in the presented work.

The corresponding proceedings paper can be found here:

The World of Photonics Congress is held every two years in June Munich in conjunction with the leading trade show in photonics - the LASER World of PHOTONICS. All aspects of research - from fundamental and application-based scientific topics to the latest laser and photonics applications in industry and medicine - are presented and discussed in various scientific conferences and a practice-oriented series of application panels.