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Please deregister at the end of your time as an exchange student. To learn more about the de-registration from your studies, please click here

Erasmus+ students do not yet have the possibility to get their grades using the self-service portal. Please contact our studierendenbuero [at] zuv [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de (student office).

At the end of your Erasmus+ mobility, the 'Departure Confirmation' or 'Confirmation of Stay' must be completed and signed by TUBAF. This document is provided by your home institution. You can usually obtain it by accessing your university's online mobility portal. Otherwise, you can ask your International/Mobility Department. The document is necessary to complete your Erasmus mobility.

Note: If you are departing on a national holiday or during the weekend, please check with your International/Mobility Department whether they accept that the Departure Confirmation must be signed by TUBAF in advance. 

Exchange students are required to deregister with the Freiberg city authorities at least two weeks before the end of their stay. Failure to deregister, or failure to deregister on time, may result in a fine. 

Further information is available at the city's web page.