VIRTUHCON - Virtual High Temperature Conversion

The CIC Virtuhcon (Virtual High Temperature Conversion) innovation skills center is a multidisciplinary center for the development of concepts and new technologies around high-temperature conversion processes. Due to their high energy consumption, these processes are caught between the needs of modern life and the demands of sustainability and climate protection. Virtuhcon’s task is the development of new concepts for efficient high-temperature conversion processes, with a significant reduction in terms of time and money. The key to this is process virtualization: comprehensively depicting processes by means of numerical simulation. Previously, this approach was successfully applied to entrained-flow systems. Virtuhcon will extend this strategy to high-temperature processes in metallurgy and the chemical industry, the main focus being on high solids content as found in fluidized-bed and fixed-bed systems. Reliably modeling such complex multi-phase systems is challenging and can only be achieved thanks to Virtuhcon's existing multiphase models.

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Am 26.04.2018 wurde das jährlich stattfindende, öffentliche Virtuhcon Statusseminar durchgeführt, in dem die Projektfortschritte durch die Nachwuchsgruppenleiter vorgestellt wurden. … weiterlesen

Sebastian Schulze verteidigte am 27.04.2018 seine Dissertation "Carbon conversion processes of single particles and packed beds: Detailed simulation and model development”. … weiterlesen

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