Humanoids 2016 Best Video Award certificateBest Paper Award, 2nd International Conference on Cyber-Physical Systems and Control (CPS&C’2021). Stefan Reitmann & Bernhard Jung. Generating Synthetic Labeled Data of Animated Fish Swarms in 3D Worlds with Particle Systems and Virtual Sound Wave Sensors.





Humanoids 2016 Best Video Award certificateBest Video Award 2016 IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (HUMANOIDS-2016). David Vogt, Simon Stepputtis, Richard Weinhold, Heni Ben Amor, Bernhard Jung. Learning Human-Robot Interactions from Human-Human Demonstrations (with Applications in Lego Rocket Assembly). Watch the videoRead the abstract.


IROS 2016 Best Poster Award. IROS 2016 Workshop State Estimation and Terrain Perception. Steve Grehl, Marvin Ferber, Claudia Buhl, Mark Sastuba, Marc Donner, Peter Poschmann, Falk Schreiter, Marco Herrmann, Erik Berger, David Vogt, Bernhard Jung, Bernhard: A Comparing View in Robot Odometry in Underground Mining.

LDAV 2014 Honorable Mention Best Paper Honorable Mention LDAV 2014 - IEEE Symposium on Large Data Analysis and Visualization. Henry Lehmann & Bernhard Jung: In-Situ Multi Resolution and Temporal Data Compression for Visual Exploration of Large Scale Scientific Simulations.


Buddy Paddy Contest 2013Winner BuddyPaddy Contest 2013, Symposium on Emergent Trends in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics. Erik Berger, Peter Scheicher, David Vogt, Heni Ben Amor & Bernhard Jung: The Robot Narrator Project.



SciVis Contest 2012Third Place IEEE Scientific Visualization Contest, VisWeek 2012. Henry Lehmann, Patrick Heyne, Oliver Mothes, Heiko Müller, Tim Smyth, Erik Berger, Katja Fiedler, David Vogt, Bernhard Jung: Visualization of Barium Titanate Phase Transition using Quantization of Dipole Moment Vectors.


Best Paper VRAR 2009Best Paper Award, First Place, GI Workshop Virtual & Augmented Reality 2009. Arnd Vitzthum, Heni Ben Amor, Guido Heumer & Bernhard Jung. Action Description for Animation of Virtual Characters.





Roman 2009 Best PaperCoTeSys Cognitive Human-Robot Interaction Best Paper Award, RO-MAN 2009 - 18th IEEE International Symposium on Robot and Human Interactive Communication, 2009. S. Ikemoto, H. Ben Amor, T. Minato, H. Ishiguro & B. Jung. Physical Interaction Learning: Behavior Adaptation in Cooperative Human-Robot Tasks Involving Physical Contact.  


CASA 2008 Best PaperBest Paper Award CASA 2008, Computer Animation and Social Agents Conference. H. Ben Amor, G. Heumer, B. Jung & A. Vitzthum. Grasp Synthesis from Low-Dimensional Probabilistic Grasp Models.





ICANNGA 2007 Best young researcher paperBest Young Researcher Paper Award, ICANNGA-07 – International Conference on Adaptive and Natural Computing Algorithms, 2007. H. Ben Amor, S. Ikemoto, T. Minato, B. Jung & H. Ishiguro. A Neural Framework for Robot Motor Learning based on Memory Consolidation.


IEEE VR 2007 Honorable MentionBest Paper Honorable Mention IEEE Virtual Reality 2007. G. Heumer, H. Ben Amor, M. Weber & B. Jung. Grasp Recognition with Uncalibrated Data Gloves – A Comparison of Classification Methods.