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Being a University of Resources, the TU Bergakademie - focuses comprehensively on securing the supply of natural resources along the entire added value chain. It covers the spectrum from the exploration for new deposits, the low impact, environmentally sound extraction of the raw materials as well as the development of alternative energy technologies and efficient materials right up to the recycling process. The basic idea of sustainable development remains at the forefront at all times. The TU Bergakademie Freiberg thus provides society with the basis for an environmentally compatible supply of resources which are essential for universal economic growth. 

Researchers in Freiberg use cooperative relationships with industry representatives on the regional and national level as well as with international businesses to carry out fundamental research activities that have practical relevance. For years, the professors of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg have ranked among the absolute elite in Germany in terms of third party funds.


The Bergakademie takes its claim of actively meeting society’s ongoing challenges as seriously today as it did upon its founding approximately 250 years ago. It was at this University of Resources that Ferdinand Reich and Theodor Richter discovered the element Indium and Clemens Winkler found the element Germanium in Freiberg’s ore deposits. Abraham Werner established the scientific study of mineralogy and geology. Also in Freiberg, Wilhelm Lampadius developed the principle of gas lighting for the European continent.

Jana Kertzscher (2.v.l.), Professorin für Elektrotechnik, arbeitet an innovativen Antrieben für ElektrofahrzeugeFacts & Figures

About 4,000 Students, 6 Faculties, 89 Professors and 2 Collaborative Research Centers. In 2018, Freiberg professors attracted 55.9 million euros in third party funds. This is clearly more than the amount the university receives for its basic budget to cover ongoing expenses.

Internationally Renowned Collections for Research and Teaching

terra mineralia, Ausstellung der TU Bergakademie im Schloss FreudensteinThe nearly 40 scientific collections of the TU Bergakademie Freiberg represent not only a vital component for research and teaching, but also a unique attraction for visitors. In the form of a donation in 2004, the university received one of the largest and most outstanding private collections of minerals to add to its Mineralogical Collection. Some of its most beautiful displays can be admired in in the permanent exhibition “terra mineralia” in the castle, Schloss Freudenstein, in Freiberg. The exhibition “Mineralogical Collection Germany” has had its home in the KRÜGERHAUS since 2012. The Bergakademie has thus set up in the Silver City a Mineral Museum Complex which is unique in Europe and represents a major attraction for visitors from all over the world.

International Centre

The International Centre provides extensive information about the university, studies and application procedure. You can also find information about housing, health insurance and about studying and living in Freiberg. Besides your studies or your Phd you have the opportunity to take German language courses at different levels at the International Centre.