Module Description

Computaional Methods
Pr. GrohSelected Topics of the Molecular Dynamics Method x  
Pr Groh - Pr KonietskyDislocation Theory and Selected Topics of the Discrete Element Method  x 
Pr KortusDensity functional theory for materials science  x  
Pr KunaFracture Mechanics Computations  x  
Dr MuehlichSelected Topics of the Finite Element Method x  
Experimental Method
Pr Krueger / Dipl. Ing. MartinExperimental Methods  x 
Theoretical Framework
Dr HaueslerPlasticity  x 
Pr KunaContinuum Mechanics x  
Pr RafajaSelected Topics in Solid State Physics x  
Background Lift
Pr GrohFundamentals of Microstructuresx   
Pr KortusQuantum Theoryx   
Pr KunaMechanics of Materialsx   
Pr Meyer/ Dr WeidnerMaterial Propertiesx   
Pr SteinbachIntroduction to Scientific Programmingx   
Advanced Lectures    
Pr van den BoogaartStochastic Methods for Materials Science  x 
Pr ErnstNumerical Analysis of Doferential Equations x  
Pr ErnstIntroduction to High Performance Computing and Optimization  x 
Project and Research    
Pr GrohResearch Seminar and Journal Clubxxx 
Pr Groh / Pr Kortus / Dr MuehlichPersonal Programming Project  x 
 Master Thesis   x
Optional without ECTS    
Mrs. TrautzoldGerman Basic Level 1Ax   
Dr. FijasIntroduction to technical English for engineeringx