European MSc-Program Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management

What is Geomatics?

Geomatics is an interdisciplinary field of research that combines aspects of surveying and sensor technology with data processing, geoinformatics and geomodelling. The main focus of Geomatics lies on the regulation and control of the interplay between resource extraction and its environmental impact.

Why should I study Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management?

Having excellently trained experts in the field of Geomatics is more important now than ever. The reason for that is the continuously rising global demand for raw materials, which leads to the extraction of mineral resources in areas of the geosphere that are more difficult to access. Simultaneously, the highest levels of safety as well as environmental and social regulations need to be fulfilled, and the optimal use of natural resources by maximizing recovery is desired. This requires engineers to be able to develop new innovative solutions, making the best use of most modern technology to acquire, manage and analyze geodata.



Educational Content & Course Objectives

The European course on Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management aims to develop future leaders and innovators in this field. The educational content focuses on these pillars:

  • Geo-Data Acquisition
  • Geo-Data Management and Visualization
  • Geo-Data Analysis and Modelling
The image shows the content of the three main pillars of the Geomatics program

The aim of this MSc course is to enable students to integrate these three pillars into innovative Geomonitoring concepts. Students will be exposed to the most recent research originating from several large European research projects. The implemented interaction with several local industry partners will allow students to work on real projects, understand industry needs and to train and develop their entrepreneurial skills. With a guided but flexibly designed exchange program between partnered universities, students will be exposed to different fields of expertise and cultural environments. Graduates are expected to be future leaders in the field of technology development and innovation, bringing modern geomatics concepts to marketable products for a secured future in the mineral resource industry.

By studying Geomatics for Mineral Resource Managemt, students have the oppertunity to choose between different specializations (so called paths). Each path focuses on a different aspect of Geomatics. A detailed list of courses for two of these paths can be found in the table below.

This image shows the table of all courses that are included in the first path for Geomatics for Mineral Resource ManagementTable of content for path A: Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management
This table shows the course overview for the second specialisation: Mine SurveyingTable of content for path B: Mine Surveying


Partnered Universities

Students will have the opportunity to study Geomatics for Mineral Resource Managment at one or more of the following universities across Europe:

The image shows the front page of the flyer for the Geomatics program

Flyer Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management

Requirements & How to apply

You can find detailed information and the link to the application here.

Additional Information

The up-to-date examination and program regulations, as well as the description of all modules, can be found under the following links:

For further information about Geomatics for Mineral Resource Management please visit or reach out to our project coordinator via geomaticsatmabb [dot] tu-freiberg [dot] de.

Project Coordinator

Prof. Dr-Ing. Jörg Benndorf
TU Bergakademie Freiberg
Institute of Mine Surveying Geodesy
Fuchsmühlenweg 9b
D-09599 Freiberg