The following topics will be covered in the MWRC

Acidic mining lake Burghammer


Mining management Grubenwasser Leipzig

  • drainage, storage, transport, distribution, cost-benefit analysis
  • watershed management by means of digital acquisition and optimization techniques
  • multiple use of water (recycling, sustainability)
  • subsidence by drainage and removal

Modeling and VisualizationSimulation Burghammer

  • groundwater flow, flooding of mining sites
  • chemical thermodynamics, kinetics, reactive mass transport
  • 3D-GIS

Water Chemistry

  • development of strategies to minimize sulphide oxidationISE
  • process investigation, speciation techniques, sorption, reaction in pore spaces
  • sensor development (environmental monitoring, process optimization)


Water treatment in mining and mining landscapesSäulenversuch

  • active technologies (membran processes, biological processes, liming, aeration)
  • passive technologies (PRB's, reactive gases, microbiology, phytoremediation)
  • slurry walls, clogging


Restoration and remediation of mining areasTracerversuch

  • soils and landscape
  • water balance



  • In-situ leaching, bioleaching, new concepts for small scale mining 
  • Heat mining (geothermal usage of the underground)
  • CO2 sequestration in aquifers
  • Waste material landfills / disposal of radioactive substances