BMBF Joint Research Project

 Joint Research Project

"Reactive Pore Space"

 The aim of the proposed BMBF Joint Research Project is the study of the processes taking place in the pore space of aquifers or rock strata in the micro-scale and the developement of technological applications.


Possible topics for research

  • filtration processes
  • sorption, precipitation, dissolution
  • clogging, scaling
  • precipitation inhibitors
  • microbiological processes
  • hydraulic processes
  • numeric modeling for evaluation and visualization
  •   ...

Possible fields of application

  • cleaning of water by barrier systems:  permeable reactive barriers (PRB), gas injection walls, slotted walls, etc.
  • clogging: waterproofing by selective precipitation in the pore space in order to isolate acidic mine waters (reduction of acidic minewater drainage [AMD]) or sources of pollution or to reduce the transport, respectively (e.g. acidic lakes or open pit mines)
  • CO2-fracturing: creation of artifical caveties in the underground (e.g. ore leaching, heat mining)
  • extraction of raw materials by H2O-CO2 mixture (enhanced in-situ leaching)
It is explicitly sought to create 1 or 2 scientific Junior Research Group(s)  within this topic of research!