Academic Program

Credits and Assessment

Academic ProgrammField Trip

The International Summer School is comprised of 90 academic hours of lectures and laboratory sessions of 45 minutes each, 20 academic hours of program-related field trips, as well as 70 academic hours of self-study time.
Upon successful completion of the course, 6 credits based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) will be awarded (1 credit equals a workload of 30 hours – contact hours and self-study time). The assessment of the students’ performance in the engineering course will be based on a mid-term exam (35 %), a final exam (35 %), and a presentation (30%).
Participation in all lectures and field trips related to the course is mandatory. Participants receive a certificate of completion if they fulfill the attendance and exam requirements.

German Language and Culture

In addition to the engineering course, German language classes are part of the programme. Participants are taught basic speaking, reading, and writing skills covering everyday topics such as first contact, living conditions, job, food, daily routines, leisure activities, and traveling. They will also gain a basic knowledge of German grammar.
The language classes are supplemented by lectures on German culture which are given in English. The tuition hours of German language, culture and history amounts to approx. 26 hours. In addition profound introductions to the destinations of the weekend excursions are given. The introduction to German language and culture is completed with a homestay in a German family which is organized for each student. The student will spend a day or an afternoon with a German family on a weekend and experience German hospitality.

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