International M.Sc. Program "Computational Materials Science"

Technological progress of modern society requires engineers and scientists that are perfectly equipped with thorough knowledge of natural and materials sciences and who are highly skilled in programming, data analysis and simulation techniques.

Such "Computational Materials Scientists" will become key players in industrial R&D efforts; they will shape scientific and engineering research concentrating on the design, processing and application of novel high-tech materials with superior mechanical, thermodynamic and electronic properties.

CMS StudentsAt TU Bergakademie Freiberg, we bring together renowned researchers and highly skilled lecturers from different scientific communities to offer our graduate students the education needed for an outstanding career in computational materials science (CMS). Our CMS graduates are highly sought-after: both in Industry as well as Ph.D. candidates in Academia.

On behalf of the academic CMS team, we would like to invite you to explore the specifics of the M.Sc. program. If you have further questions concerning the curriculum or concerning the application procedure, please fell free to contact us.