Global sea level change and the contributions from continental ice sheets - A geodesist's perspective

November 7th 2019, 17:30, Meeting Room Geophysics, Meißer-Bau,
talk by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Horwath (TU Dresden, Geodetic Earth System Research)

The talk will give an introduction on how we measure changes of global sea level by satellite altimetry and how we assess the different contributing effects, namely thermal expansion of ocean water, contributions due to the net mass loss of ice sheets and glaciers, and contributions from hydrological storage changes. The observed total effect matches the sum of assessed contributions within their uncertainties. The Antarctic Ice Sheet and the Greenland Ice Sheet together contribute about one third of present day sea level rise, and they bear the largest potential and the largest uncertainties for their future sea level contribution. We elaborate on achievements and challenges in accurately estimating the ongoing mass changes of the two ice sheets, e.g. by satellite altimetry and satellite gravimetry.

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