Glancing Underneath the Ice - A Gravimetry Campaign in Southern Patagonia

The Southern and Nothern Patagonian Icefields together are the largest temperate ice mass in the southern hemisphere outside Antarctica. Present studies show rapidly retreating glaciers and a widespread decrease in ice-surface height in response to climate changes. But not only present changes in ice-mass cause deformations of the solid earth. There is still an ongoing response to past ice-mass changes in form of the glacial-isostatic adjustment (GIA). Uncertainties in current GIA models propagate into uncertainties in estimates of current ice mass losses. The DFG project ’GravPatagonia’ aims at realizing repeated gravimetric observations in the region of Southern Patagonia. Derived surface gravity changes over time will serve as constraints for GIA models. The first fieldwork campaign was carried out in February 2020. The talk will give an overview of the aims of the project and the different measuring methods used in the fieldwork. Accentuated by a multitude of photographs it is tried to give an impression of the region of Southern Patagonia.



  • When: April 16th 2020, 17:30
  • Who: MSc. Thorben Döhne
  • Where: Online, DNF meeting room, Guest Pin: 20200408, Room will open approximately 15 min before the talk starts
  • How: We are currently investigating online presentation possibilities. We will add instruction how to join this presentation online in a timely manner. (TU Dresden, Geodetic Earth System Research)